Develop & Implement Marketing Plans

talkingOur firm develops and implements, “Start-up” and comprehensive marketing plans¬†designed for the purpose of promoting planned gifts. Strategies explored with agency staff include:

  • Print advertising

  • E-News & E-Blast marketing

  • Social media promotion

  • Website information

  • Donor contact and relationship building

  • Legacy Society recognition

  • Seminars/Workshops

Tech Support

Fraumeni owns “state of the art” gift planning computer software and related iPhone applications. Gift illustrations are provided to each organization for use with donor prospects. Sample donor gift benefits are instantly through our iPhone application.

Promotional Materials

We review existing publications and systems used to communicate with donors and other constituents to incorporate new cost-effective promotional strategies, and can recommend educational resources which can be purchased and/or draft text copy.

“Vince helped us to develop new strategies for marketing planned giving vehicles within our existing promotional channels and to stay focused on planned giving goals. He provided additional “manpower” for our small development team, and identified ways to integrate planned giving with other development strategies.

-Wendy Lee Vice President, Development Claremont School of Theology